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My Musical Year – Day 10

So good to play everyday!! I’m so happy to improve!!! I spread my positive energy to all who need it! 😊

Special thanks to my uncle Claudio who gave me this beautiful Baby Taylor and to my patient teacher and very talented artist Gaël Schüpbach!

(T-shirt: Mallory & Freetracks ; Mitaines: Catherine Bronnimann, Métamorphose)

Best of Electro 2016 by Mallory & Freetracks

Here it is our best of electro 2016! 🙂

Best Live Act: Thylacine @ Tohu Bohu (Veyras-Valais)
Best Audiovisual Live Act: Jean-Michel Jarre – Electronica World Tour @ Arena (Genève)
Best Festival Discovered: Tohu Bohu (Veyras-Valais)
Best Concept’s Event: Arena Balloon Silent Disco by PALP Festival (Martigny – Valais)

Special mention: Les concerts sauvages de Couleur 3 à Paléo – Fakear aux bassins du Village du Monde


Best of Electro 2015 by Mallory & Freetracks


Here it is our best of electro 2015! 🙂

Best Live Act: Rone @ Les Docks (Lausanne)
Best Audiovisual Live Act: Vouipe @ Zikamart (Fully -Valais)
Best DJ-set: Djedjotronic b2b Housemeister @ Electron festival (Genève)
Best Festival Discovered: Zikamart (Fully -Valais)
Best Concept’s Event: Electroclette (Martigny – Valais)

Special mention to the concept of the collaborations’ album « Electronica 1: The Time machine » of Jean-Michel Jarre